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Support Boards

These Trello Boards are a collection of current online resources and information to support mentally healthy workplaces, for both employers and employees.

G21 – Employer Resources for Mentally Healthy Workplaces

G21 – Mental Health Resources at Work

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Support Services

Partners in Wellbeing

Free support and advice to improve your wellbeing during COVID and beyond

GenU Mental Health Support

Free mental health support services for people experiencing mild symptoms or low levels of distress, delivered across Western Victoria

Guides, Information and Handbooks

Cues & Clues for Effective Managers

Simple management techniques to better understand your team and improve as a manager

Employment Contracts – Awards and agreements – Fair Work Ombudsman

Employee contracts

A template for important introductory information for new recruits, including: Payroll information, Hours of Operation and First Aid Officer and Fire Wardens information.

Information about employee pay conditions from the Fair Work Ombudsman

A guide to provide feedback to unsuccessful interview candidates.

Information to provide to new employees to ensure they feel comfortable asking questions.

A guide for structuring and writing questions for your candidate interviews.

Questions to prompt consideration of all aspects of a new position. Later to be used as a basis for creating a Job description.

Information about Probational periods for new recruits

A presentation created by a recruitment specialist that dissects the full recruitment process.

Australian Government Small Business Fair Dismissal Code

A guide to assist you when writing job descriptions.

Forms, Checklists and Questionnaires

An editable job application template to provide to new job applicants.

A template for a written exit interview for exiting employees to fill out.

A template to build a schedule for the first week/s of work for a new employee.

A form to assess each interview in a way that increases equality and minimises bias.

A template to create a thorough position description.

A template for recording progress during a new recruit’s probationary period.

A editable template for requesting a written reference for a job applicant.

A list of sample interview questions for candidate interviews.

Search terms to find assistance

Use these search terms to help direct you to existing and relevant resources online.

A template for questions during one to one meetings with employees

A template for recording progress during a new recruit’s probationary period.

A form to report and investigate an Injury, Incident or Hazard.

A form for all employees to complete for record keeping at any business.

A template plan for performance management.

A template for a written performance review for an employee.

A guide to ensure that a redundancy process is professional and fair.

A letter template for accepting an employee’s resignation.

A checklist of considerations to ensure employees have appropriate conditions and resources to work from home.

HR Policies

Informs all employees that being under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other prohibited substances will not be tolerated in the workplace or within work hours.

Specifies how a business expects all employees to behave and conduct themselves whilst in the workplace.

A policy to assist managers and employees when addressing unacceptable performance and behaviours.

A policy for emergency situations; outlining how to maintain life, prevent further harm or injury, ease pain and prevent deterioration of the person’s condition until professional medical help can be obtained.

Assists in managing staff complaints, grievances, and problems efficiently and effectively.

Outlines steps to protect the workplace in the event of an infectious disease outbreak.

Informs employees of their entitlements and requirements regarding leave from work.

Outlines how a workplace will maintain the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public that interact with their business.

Outlines procedures and guidelines for recruitment activities, to ensure that recruitment and selection are fair to all applicants

Determines a workplace to be smoke-free to ensure a safer, pleasant, cleaner environment for all.

Provides direction to employees on the use of social media at work and in personal time.

Details the standards, values and expectations for appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

A comprehensive list of workplace considerations to discuss with employees


A letter template for confirming an employee pay increase.

A letter template for terminating an employee after their probationary period.


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