Cues & Clues for Effective Managers

What happens when I become a manager?

When we become a manager, our lives change. We move from being responsible only for the quality and quantity of our own work to being responsible and accountable for the performance of others.

Success within the workplace is now redefined for us to include how well the team is performing, how we are managing the individuals within the team and how well we are working with our colleague managers.

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Favouritism in the workplace

At your café job, it seems that the boss always gives preference to some staff over others. They get the best shifts, avoid the worst tables, and always seem to be laughing and joking with the boss.

Do you…

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Bullying in the workplace

You see one of the supervisors giving another apprentice a hard time, it seems to happen every morning when they arrive on-site – they are too late, or too early, or have brought the wrong tools, worn the wrong clothes – nothing they do seems right. You know this is actual bullying, rather than normal behaviour, because it has been going on for a few months, repeatedly targeting one person, and you can see how it is upsetting the apprentice.

Do you…

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Workplace Behaviour

An employee upset and making a scene in an office environment

The aim of a Workplace Behaviour Policy is to detail the standards, values and expectations for appropriate behaviour in the workplace, and in particular an employee’s obligation to contribute to a safe and pleasant work environment that is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

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Grievance Handling & Conflict Resolution

An oversized complaint document appears to be signed and viewed by two parties

A Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy is designed to assist in managing staff complaints, grievances, and problems efficiently and effectively. 

A Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy should stipulate the confidentiality of the complainant and the steps taken by a company to resolve the complaint. 

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