Cues & Clues for Effective Managers

What happens when I become a manager?

When we become a manager, our lives change. We move from being responsible only for the quality and quantity of our own work to being responsible and accountable for the performance of others.

Success within the workplace is now redefined for us to include how well the team is performing, how we are managing the individuals within the team and how well we are working with our colleague managers.

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Pilfering in the Workplace

You have been in your job for a number of months and are settling in and enjoying the work. You start to notice that your direct supervisor and a couple of your older workmates regularly load up their trucks on a Friday with materials from the worksite.

Do you…

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Reporting Unsafe Behaviours

You have observed, over a number of weeks, that the new forklift driver is not following the safety lines. They don’t watch out and don’t bother waiting for other activities in the warehouse before they start pulling out items. There have been a couple of close calls, for example where someone was on the phone and didn’t hear the forklift, and it came pretty close to them before they realised because the driver wasn’t within the safety areas.

Do you…

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Code of Conduct

A group of construction and office workers standing together and smiling.

A Code of Conduct is a document that specifies how a business expects all employees to behave and conduct themselves whilst in the workplace. The main aim of a Code of Conduct is to provide a minimum guide and expectations to staff regarding their conduct. 

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A figure of a woman looking depleted against aa red low battery icon aside a figure of a woman walking energetically against a green full battery icon

A Leave Policy is designed to inform employees of their entitlements and requirements regarding leave from work. The National Employment Standards (NES) stipulate the minimum leave entitlements for employees for all industries. Businesses may have their own award, registered agreement, or contract. Irrespective of that, those contracts and agreements cannot include leave that is less than what is specified by the NES.

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Workplace Behaviour

An employee upset and making a scene in an office environment

The aim of a Workplace Behaviour Policy is to detail the standards, values and expectations for appropriate behaviour in the workplace, and in particular an employee’s obligation to contribute to a safe and pleasant work environment that is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

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Induction & Onboarding

A senior worker relaying information to a junior worker at a construction site.

Induction forms part of the initial stages of the employee’s lifecycle. Induction is where a company introduces a new employee to their job and the organisation. Induction is an important part of teaching new employees about their rights and responsibilities a well as the terms and conditions of their employment. 

An employee’s induction should cover off any legal, compliance and workplace health and safety requirements as a matter of priority. In addition, it’s particularly important to introduce a new employee to the values, mission, vision, and culture of the organization. 

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Discipline & Termination

One employee and one supervisor are sitting in an interview setting, neither is smiling.

A Discipline and Termination policy should assist managers and employees when addressing unacceptable performance and behaviours. A discipline and termination policy should always be in alignment with the Fair Work legislation. 

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Performance Management

A woman sitting across a male employee in an interview setting.

Performance management is designed to assist employees to improve on their performance or improve their conduct and behaviour.  In addition, performance management should assist managers and employees when addressing unacceptable performance and behaviours. Performance Management should always be in alignment with the Fair Work legislation. 

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