Bullying in the workplace

You see one of the supervisors giving another apprentice a hard time, it seems to happen every morning when they arrive on-site – they are too late, or too early, or have brought the wrong tools, worn the wrong clothes – nothing they do seems right. You know this is actual bullying, rather than normal behaviour, because it has been going on for a few months, repeatedly targeting one person, and you can see how it is upsetting the apprentice.

Do you…

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Code of Conduct

A group of construction and office workers standing together and smiling.

A Code of Conduct is a document that specifies how a business expects all employees to behave and conduct themselves whilst in the workplace. The main aim of a Code of Conduct is to provide a minimum guide and expectations to staff regarding their conduct. 

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The Invisible Discriminator

The workplace should be a safe and inclusive space for people of all ethnicities, genders, sexuality and abilities.
Listening to people with lived-experience of discrimination is a great starting point in combatting discrimination in the workplace.

Source: BeyondBlue

Unconscious Bias at Work

Watch the Life at Google video about how to identify and tackle unconscious bias in the workplace and in daily life.

Source: Google

Health & Wellbeing

Ensure new employees are settling in and up to date with new starter guides, workplace policies, safety information and an induction plan.

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