What are Work Related Factors?

Work Related factors are anything in the design or management of work that can positively or negatively impact an employees mental health. Learn examples of what these can be and how you as a leader can influence them.

Understanding Work Related Factors means we know what we need to change to build mentally healthy workplaces.

Source: WorkSafe Work Well

Unsafe is always unacceptable

Worksafe conducted a social experiment to determine if young people could identify an unsafe work environment as well as their rights and responsibility to a safe workplace.

Many young people find themselves working in unsafe conditions which can put them in danger, both mentally and physically. Young workers have the right to feel safe at work, and employers have a responsibility to create a safe working environment. Under the supervision of leading psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, we conducted a social experiment where we invited a group of people aged 18yrs – 25yrs to a series of ‘industry information sessions’ and outlined some of the unsafe conditions they could face in the workplace. Each participant was asked whether they would be willing to work in these conditions.

Source: Worksafe Victoria

When Anxiety is talking

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one in four people – one in three women and one in five men – will experience anxiety at some stage in their life.


Have you ever experienced anxiety, or know anyone that does?

Source: BeyondBlue

3 tips to improve workplace culture

Listen to Chris White unpack 3 steps to improving workplace culture; Unblock Communication, Become Responsive, Aim Higher.

A positive workplace culture doesn’t happen accidentally. Creating an environment where employees feel supported, motivated, and appreciated requires time and consideration.

Source: TEDtalk

The Invisible Discriminator

The workplace should be a safe and inclusive space for people of all ethnicities, genders, sexuality and abilities.
Listening to people with lived-experience of discrimination is a great starting point in combatting discrimination in the workplace.

Source: BeyondBlue

Unconscious Bias at Work

Watch the Life at Google video about how to identify and tackle unconscious bias in the workplace and in daily life.

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Your HR Questions Answered

A Give Geelong workshop that delves into a range of HR topics to help both Employers and Employees.

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