Occupational Health & Safety

Man falling off ladder on a construction site

An Occupational Health and Safety Policy is considered to be one of the most important policies to enable workplace success. The intention of an Occupational Health and Safety Policy is to ensure that the workplace is an environment that is accident-free, safe and healthy, always implements safe working methods, and provides safe work equipment.

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Grievance Handling & Conflict Resolution

An oversized complaint document appears to be signed and viewed by two parties

A Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy is designed to assist in managing staff complaints, grievances, and problems efficiently and effectively. 

A Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy should stipulate the confidentiality of the complainant and the steps taken by a company to resolve the complaint. 

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Social Media.

Two women high-fiving in front of their laptops as they receive positive social media notifications and metrics.

The purpose of a Social Media Policy is to provide direction to company employees on the use of social media at work and in personal time. The policy aims to provide a differentiation between an employee representing their company on social media platforms and the personal use of social media. 

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Your HR Questions Answered

A Give Geelong workshop that delves into a range of HR topics to help both Employers and Employees.

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Xavier has worked for you now for 12 months. During that time he has attended many training sessions and courses at the company’s expense and proved himself to be a very willing and able employee. You think that Xavier has a long future in front of him within the business and have personally spent time helping him develop into a responsible young adult both inside and outside work.

Xavier comes to work and asks to see you. He tells you he is leaving. As his manager, you are bitterly disappointed.

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Flexible Working Request

Jacqui has been employed as a receptionist for over two years now.  She has been a terrific employee showing herself to be proactive, positive, and above all, very responsible. Jacqui has requested to see you indicating that she would like to adjust her work hours from 9-5 to better suit her lifestyle as she is undertaking further study.

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Interrelationships within the business

Tom is 18 and joined the business after being referred by his father, Dave, who has been a loyal and hardworking employee for over 20 years. It’s Tom’s first job since leaving school and he is not performing well.  He is late for work on a regular basis and his manager reports he is always joking around and is not at all productive.

Tom has been with the organisation for 12 weeks. Dave wants to know how Tom is going and asks “As a mate, how is my boy going? Hope he is not causing too much trouble. You know what it’s like when you start– it’s hard to find your feet.” Dave knows you well, in fact, when you started he was assigned to you as a mentor and before you moved divisions, he was your manager.

Dave mentions to you in the discussion that Tom loves working here and that they love being able to work together in such a great company.

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First Aid

The purpose of a First Aid Policy is in the event of an emergency situation, to maintain life, prevent further harm or injury, ease pain and prevent deterioration of the person’s condition until professional medical help can be obtained.

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The purpose of a Smoking Policy is to provide a workplace that is smoke-free to ensure a safer, pleasant, cleaner environment for all. The policy’s goal is to reduce the health risks associated with smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

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