Grievance Handling & Conflict Resolution

Assists in managing staff complaints, grievances and problems efficiently and effectively.

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A Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy is designed to assist in managing staff complaints, grievances, and problems efficiently and effectively. 

A Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy should stipulate the confidentiality of the complainant and the steps taken by a company to resolve the complaint. 

The main areas to cover in a complaint handling process is as follows:

  • Raising a complaint 
  • Informal complaints
  • Formal complaints
  • Vexatious claims 
  • Complaints to external agencies 
  • Victimization 

The policy should cover when a formal complaint substantiates the possible outcomes that may follow. If the complaint is made about another employee and is substantiated then the company may take action such as, but not limited to, disciplinary action, formal warnings, a written apology, mediation or a performance improvement plan. 

A complaint handling policy should also include appropriate timelines to respond to the complainant and include reference to external bodies/agencies if the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome. 

Use this template to formulate your own Grievance Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy at your workplace:

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