First Aid

The purpose of a First Aid Policy is in the event of an emergency situation, to maintain life, prevent further harm or injury, ease pain and prevent deterioration of the person’s condition until professional medical help can be obtained.

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The purpose of a Smoking Policy is to provide a workplace that is smoke-free to ensure a safer, pleasant, cleaner environment for all. The policy’s goal is to reduce the health risks associated with smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

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Infectious Disease Control

The purpose of an Infectious Disease Control Policy is to proactive steps to protect the workplace in the event of an infectious disease outbreak.

It is the goal during any such time period to strive to operate effectively and that all employees are safe within the workplace. 

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The purpose of a Recruitment Policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for recruitment activities, to ensure that all recruitment and selection activities are based on procedures that are fair to all applicants and selection decisions are made on the basis of merit and the selection criteria.

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Motor Vehicle

The purpose of a Motor Vehicle Policy is for all employees to understand their responsibilities when operating a company vehicle.

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