Motor Vehicle

Outlines employee responsibilities when operating a company vehicle.

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The purpose of a Motor Vehicle Policy is for all employees to understand their responsibilities when operating a company vehicle.

A Motor Vehicle Policy should cover the following topics:

  • Authority to drive – Employees must hold a valid license and a copy should be kept on their HR file including a signed copy of the motor vehicle policy 
  • Conditions of use – Employees must be aware of and comply with all of the relevant legislation and road rules. In addition, the policy should cover eating and drinking in a company vehicle, odometer recordings, fuel etc. 
  • Smoking – No smoking is permitted when driving company vehicles 
  • Alcohol and drugs – A company vehicle must not be driven by someone who is affected or under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. 
  • Traffic offences and accidents – The policy should cover the employee’s obligation when they are responsible for an accident or they commit a traffic offence 
  • Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing – reporting the need for a repair, frequency of servicing and maintenance.

A motor vehicle policy may also include information regarding using a company vehicle for private use.

Use this template to formulate your own Motor Vehicle Policy at your workplace:

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